Nov 26 2006

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Hello. My name is Chad Gramling. I am a lover of life. My passions include God, my family, writing and baseball – pretty much in that order. I have always enjoyed pro wrestling too. My blogs allow me to have an outlet for it all.

I am a marketing professional at a financial institution, but I hope to one day earn enough money through writing that I can leave the 9-5 for a career as a writer of both fiction and non-fiction. My first book is schedule for release in February 2007. For details, please visit

My personal blog is called simply, WordUp. This is a personal blog that started as a chronicle of my pursuit of becoming a professional writer, but has spawned into much more. The title, though overdone and a bit cliche’ is symbolic of my goal in keeping the content continually upbeat and optimistic in nature. However, I do stray into the dark side from time to time (check out the “Ted Sucks” series as an example).

A blog that evolved out of WordUp is my blog dedicated to baseball; Chad Gramling’s Baseball Blog (CGBB). This blog is billed as “A Fan’s Blog for Baseball” and seeks to offer an alternative to mainstream media coverage of a sport I love while focusing again on the positive aspects versus the filth that our lazy media counterparts often salivate over.

Finally, I mentioned pro wrestling. As “The Masked Blogger” I write every now and then about pro wrestling – mostly as it relates to current trends while considering the historical perspectives. I grew up in the 80’s and watch Hulk Hogan tell me to train, say my prayers and take my vitamins – so I blog a lot from that era. It is NOT a fansite, news/rumors site or spoilers site. Pro Wrestling Pages is a simple blog that presents a unique, fresh take on the world of pro wrestling.

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