Nov 26 2006

Traffic Exchanges

Have you heard about traffic exchanges? The idea is simple. Basically you visit sites and earn “credits” or “points” which in turn can be exchanged for different things. You can use them to get other people to visit your site, or maybe display a banner or text link on the traffic exchange site. Whatever you chose to do it will drive traffic to your site. It is especially useful for newer sites/blogs because you then get exposed. Other people are clicking through site by site, but if your site appeals to the person viewing you may have gained a reader or someone to exchange links with.

With traffic exchanges I’ve gotten a lot of viewers to my blogs, as well as gained relationships and partnerships with certain bloggers.

Is this idea appealing to you?

It should be. Here is a list of some of the traffic exchanges I am on and would recommend.

First being BlogMad. You could be on this site alone and drive tons of traffic to your site. This has to be one of the top blog traffic exchanges. They offer 1:1 surfing ratio. Every site you visit you get yours visited.

Next has to be Blog Explosion. I like that you not only can “surf” but theres other competitions you can do. A nice feature I like is battle of the blogs. 15 people decide which blog is the best between yours and another blog, and the winner gets credits.

Blog Soldiers is slow but steady. It doesn’t seem to use up your credits like the previous two but can get you daily traffic if you have some credits saved up.

Last of the blog traffic exchanges ranks Blog Advance. It seems to drive the least traffic, but still worth it. I’ve used my credits more towards advertising on this site. Seems to pay off better, and you get ‘quality’ viewers as well

There are other traffic exchanges that aren’t just blog related

GoldenWheelSurf is for all sites and you are guaranteed 50,000 views, since they start you with 50,000 credits!

Link Referral is a bit different and is one of my favorites. You get to visit which sites you want and can even write reviews about them. You are limited 30 sites a day and 5 reviews. If you do that daily you will get a top spot on the rankings and will generate 25-30 quality viewers.

Most importantly you need quality content and site appeal, but to start getting viewers its a nice start.

Now I wouldn’t give you this information without a bit of a warning. If you are an adsense user DO NOT use traffic exchanges. It is violating their terms of service and you will get your account deleted.

With that said, happy surfing!

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