Dec 3 2006

Saving Money and Cashback before Christmas!

A wise man said once that “It’s not how much you earn, but how much you save, that makes you wealthy.” It is very true this, which is why I try and save as much as I can, without overstretching myself.

Alas, saving money at this time of year is a difficult process, which is why I was happy when I found this site. Hot Deals UK is a site which lists all major promotions offered by various websites, and how to get them. For example, they have an xbox premium on there for just over £200, but then it tells you ways to sell even more money! lets you save money as you save. To begin with, you have £5 deposited into your account, and then depending on where you shop, there are discounts to be had. You earn either a flat rate cashback or a percentage purchase from top online stores. By completing offers, you earn either reward points or cash. After £25 is in your account, you get paid! It is a useful thing to have, especially in the run up to the Christmas Season!

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