Dec 4 2006

Are you too cynical?

I was watching the TV the other night and one of the advertisements that McDonalds are currently running in Australia regarding their “make up your own mind” campaign got me thinking.

I’m vegetarian, for a number of reasons that I won’t go into here so automatically McDonalds is probably not going to be my friend (especially since they don’t bother with the vegie burger anymore – hey I know no one bought them but it’s nice to have the option!). Their ads have two extremely fake individuals who ‘work’ at McDonalds and are sick of their friends perpetuating the ‘myths’ regarding what goes into McDonalds food. They take to the road in their P plate cars and show up at various very clean packing facilities and are told by the managers there that the food is as pure as the driven snow.

I’d be interested in whether or not this is actually effective for them. Or are others just as jaded as I am and cannot believe the ‘fakeness’ of the whole thing.

The reason why this got me really thinking is how does a jaded market place effect the world of business blogging. I tell my clients and I genuinely believe that by having an honest blog where you do try and share your enthusiasm you can change public perception.

It’s important to address ‘issues’ that your cutomer base don’t like. Obviously if you were a logging company and someone has an issue with your cutting down trees there isn’t a hell of a lot you can do about that.

My advice in that situation would be simply to say something along the lines of ‘ yes we understand the concerns that you have about us cutting those trees down so in order to be responsible we also have this planting/environmental program running…’

Don’t ignore the negative but also try and highlight the positive – you won’t convince the truely angry members of the community but you may be able to let less radical elements know that you aren’t a heartless corporation!

Of course you could be environmentally responsible in the firstplace!!!! (which is my preference)

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