Dec 5 2006

Start Your Own Amazon Store

Click to go to Mike's Money Making MissionHave you started your Amazon aStore yet?

It’s now possible to have your own Amazon webpage, showing products of your choice, plus you can call it whatever you wish – within reason!

I’ve started one myself, called Blogging Good Blogs. It’s very easy to set up and if, in a few weeks time, I want to change the name and everything else well I can.

To get your own aStore simply sign up as an affiliate with the Amazon website, which you would normally use for your country.

A free webpage, big reliable company, thousands of products, potential commission – what are you waiting for?

Oh, the more difficult bit, of course, is getting potential customers to go to your store and actually buy something! But it can be done – and it costs nothing to try.

Good blogging,

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