Dec 9 2006

My Weekly Report

Click to go to Mike's Money Making MissionIt’s the end of the week for me, as regards my blog Mike’s Money Making Mission. This means my latest post is my Weekly Report. I publish this each week showing what I have earned and from where, my top referrers and so on.

I’ve been going now for eleven weeks and I’m pleased that I have achieved one of my targets, which was to try and make $500 by the end of this year. I know this is an insignificant amount compared with some bloggers achievements but I’m still chuffed.

That’s the good thing about making targets and objectives it keeps you motivated and, when you reach one of your benchmarks, it gives you encouragement as well.

I’m off to buy a good bottle of red wine to celebrate. Okay, maybe two bottles!

Good blogging,

P.S. It’s also good to see that Blog about your Blog brought me 22 referrals last week – thanks!

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