Dec 14 2006

Digg and Reditt

I’ve been experimenting with Digg and lately. My results have been positive and I am pleased to see a few extra hits by simply submitting articles and blog posts to these websites.


Digg appears to be more popular. I like the layout and the idea of Diggs. Each article I’ve submitted to Digg has at least reffered 1 user, with many getting more than 10. The number has climbed per article if I get diggs later and promote the link. Most of the initial traffic is just by being in the “upcoming” stories. Most of my articles had only a few diggs, nothing huge, but with the idea of the website, more diggs equals more exposure, that’s not bad. Basically just by submitting an article, I am guaranteed a handful of visitors, with the potential of thousands.


I actually just used this last night before I went to bed. I submitted an article, and when I checked the stats we had recieved 10+ hits from them, without getting many votes. For a blogger, each and every hit can help, 10-20 extra hits a day is huge. Submitting an article is easy, and takes literally a few seconds.

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