Dec 15 2006

Technorati Rank

I’ve noticed a complete drop in the authors posting. I’m not sure how to attract more of you to post, but we get great traffic. Yesterday alone we had 190+ unique visitors. Just by posting anything you could be getting more visitors to your site.

I wanted to thank everyone who links to us, on technorati we our rank is as follows:

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Rank: 162,592 (43 links from 22 blogs)

Thats a great stat to see, just by adding our link, others may do the same and join us. That branches out for more visitors and readers and more exposure for everything you write. I’ve noticed a few other community blog promotion blogs, but they seem to die out, without dedication by the authors.

I’m definitely set on expanding this site, and you may notice a few sponsor posts, or different ads. They are definitely helping paying off webhosting. I hope to see more people posting, and if your not an author, email me!

I check my email everyday, become a member of this blog today!

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