Dec 20 2006

Tommy Cooper Jokes

Click to go to Mike's Money Making MissionDear Mother,

How nice to hear you are well. Looking forward to seeing you in January. All day yesterday I heard a ringing in my ears. Then I picked up the phone and it stopped.

I was going to see a doctor, but he’s not a very good doctor. All his patients are sick.

The wife and I are on a new diet. We eat breakfast in the raw. Then we eat our lunch in the raw. For dinner we put our clothes on.

See you soon,

The above is a copy of a private letter sent to his mother by the late British comedien Tommy Cooper. He’s not to everyone’s taste but I always found him very funny, even though his jokes were corny like:

A man walks into a bar. It didn’t half hurt, it was an iron bar.

It’s strange isn’t it? You stand in the middle of a library and go, ‘Aaaaaagh!’ and everyone stares at you. But if you do the same thing on a plane everyone joins in.

I’ve got the best wife in England. The other one’s in Africa.

My dog took a bite out of my knee the other day and a friend of mine said, “Did you put anything on it?” I said, “No, he liked it as it was.”

I think inventions are marvellous, don’t you? Wherever they put a petrol pump they find petrol.

It must be getting near Christmas or something!

Good blogging,
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