Dec 21 2006

BAYB Offering 5$ for the winner

My girlfriend suggested 5 dollars via paypal to the winner, which is about what one of the sponsored posts get in revenue. I think that’s a great idea and that is now a stipulation to our BYAB: Blog of the Year award.

We currently have 9 entries. I will be nominating some blogs, but none of my own. I’m sure we will get the goal of 25 blogs and I’m pretty excited about it!

Here is a little snippet of it:

The winner will receive of course the title of blog of the year. All the results will be from your readers and ours, so you will need to promote for votes! I can offer possibly banner space on this blog, or some kind of featured spot for the winner. Ultimately it should drive a nice amount of traffic to your site, and a nice notch under your belt that you are doing something right! Just for participating you will get a free link from us pointing to your site.

Hope to see fellow blog about your blog authors join. It could be a cool 5$ for you as well!

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