Dec 28 2006

Newbie Here…..My Introductory Post

I came across this site from Quit Your Day Job and thought, hey, why not! I am fairly new to the blogging arena, but like many other people, I feel I have something to say, want to share or just needed an outlet. Blogging sounded like the ticket!

My blog is called Worth It All. It is just a little blog with feel good stuff on it as I am always trying to find my own “inner peace”. As I say in my profile, “I am not a religious person, but I find comfort in quotes and the Dalai Lama. Sum it up for me in a sentence that makes me ponder, and I’ll be your friend.” I also enjoy photography, so you will see some of my images on there, mostly floral, and stories that just give you a warm fuzzy feeling. Other times, you might just find something silly or cool that I have found (or found through someone else) on the internet that I think is worthy of sharing for fun. (Lee has found a couple of things I have posted on my blog).

Thanks for letting me join your community. See you around on Blog About Your Blog!

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