Dec 28 2006

Video income update

I wrote a wordy piece shouting about the wonders of Revver as a source of online income. They pay a 20% share of pay per click advertising revenue to the person hosting the video on the site, plus 50% to the video-maker. In theory it is good, and in the long term, assuming they stick with the program and build up a Youtube-matching library, it has the potential to be a tidy source of checks. I am not holding my breath, though, as I still haven’t reached a dollar (but as I am no Spielberg with my content offerings, maybe I don’t even deserve that much!) For the time-being though, we are sticking with Revver, and here’s why.

Since the last post, I came across a few tips on paid video hosting alternatives. Again, I can’t remember who exactly gave out the pearls of wisdom, (they are linked to this blog somehow) but the upshot of it is, Youtube are the big kahuna and not paying us bloggers a dime, and the paying alternatives are good in theory, but currently short on mass appeal. One option to make money from videos, if I read it correctly, requires you to spend several hours a day of hard graft, copy and pasting for $50 a month! No thanks, my time is better spent building up my blog, not expanding their library.

Which brings me round to the point of this post. We like the “attract lots of traffic and THEN make money” route. It was just a gut feeling, based on “life experience of business, man”, until yesterday when I saw how this tactic is reaping spectacular rewards for John Chow who started monetizing his 250,000 visits a month traffic in October. Maybe Adsense and co have their place in Pisstakers articles, but for the video department, I feel that cents, even tens of dollars don’t matter too much on the road to creating an appealling and useful feature that should attract a ton of extra (monetizable in the long term) visitors to our blog. So we are going to use Revver technology to make a great video section that has content that we think will make Digg look very superficial.

Being techy for a moment, if anyone wants a desktop alternative to Revver, with all the looks and then some, check out Carousel from YourHead. Another slick option for a movie gallery. You have to roll your own links, which is a downside, but it has the great advantage that it can be styled to suit your theme and more importantly lets you show films from anywhere on the internet.

Of course the limitation is you need a Mac and you need Rapidweaver software, and you need some imagination, like Boomchilds, but hey, if you are a winner, that isn’t too much of a stretch:) Happy New Year from The Pisstakers

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