Dec 30 2006

Key word ideas from Wordtracker

Mike Perry was writing about keywords and how a phrase is better than a single keyword. Coincidentally, this month’s newsletter from Wordtracker, THE best keyword resource available, goes into detail about “tail end” keyword phrases.

The common mistake is to fight for first page recognition with a single keyword. If you sell wallets and you rely on “wallet”, you are faced with two obstacles on your road to riches. Firstly, the big spending sites will always be ahead of you in the results and secondly, “wallet”, or any single keyword, is normally of use only to people doing a first time search, or undertaking general research. ie you will attract visitors with little or no intention of taking any immediate action.

However, if you try to attract the people about to take a final step in the decision-making process ie appeal to those people who have done their general research and are ready to make a purchase, your keyphrase could be “pink wallet in Switzerland”. This will attract less traffic in total, but what you do get will be higher quality, and you will be yodelling all the way to the bank.

The other tip for applying this keyword strategy is to have lots of pages. Google likes pages, and this also enables you to have two nets laid to attract visitors. You use conventional keywords on most pages, ie “wallet” and use the more specific expanded keyword phrases on the rest.

Chicken and egg

This is The Pisstaker checking out and consoling myself that as a website with PR0, I have no chance of getting links to my site. Apparently the general wisdom is that you should only be interested in linking to sites with PR3 and above! Mike Perry’s 50 visitors a day minimum sounds far more practical and in the spirit of the internet.

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