Dec 26 2006

Blog of the Year Voting 2

Ok, I think we got all of the kinks out. For some reason it wouldnt allow all 4 polls on one post, so I had to break it down.

Blog of The Year

Vote for the Blog of The Year

Simple Financial Advice

The Gospel According to Rhys



My quest to make money on the internet

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Dec 26 2006

Blog of the Year Voting

The Voting has begun! Each poll is broken into 5-6 blogs, and you can vote for one poll per person. The winners of each poll will then vote again for the Blog of the Year. Remember to start promoting this link, the winner will receive 5$ via Paypal from me!Any problems, questions or concerns let [...]

Dec 24 2006

Seasons Greetings

Christmas Eve, the presents are under the tree and everything is ready for the big day. I’d like to take this opportunity to wish all readers of Blog about your Blog a Very Happy Christmas – or alternatively a Happy Holiday.
May you get the things you wish for.
Good Blogging,
Mike’s Money Making Mission
Mike’s Business Articles
Successful & [...]

Dec 24 2006

Track Santa with NORAD

OK folks, it is the eve of Christmas Eve. My husband thinks that is a worthy enough reason to open a present, but that idea got shot down quick. I’ve never heard of this tracking Santa thing before but a lot of other people had. I was definitely excited to see this so I wanted [...]

Dec 23 2006

Getting Traffic from Forums

Getting More Traffic to your blog from Forums
I’ve had success and received traffic with two particular forums.

I’ve gotten traffic pretty easily here. There are many questions asked here, bloggers helping bloggers. Questions like “How can I get more traffic”, or “Which traffic exchange should I use?”. Certain questions come up so much I’ve written my [...]

Dec 23 2006

Revenue from on-line video hosting

We have just revamped a video section on our blog using Revver as the source of videos. Scenes of scientists setting off 100 bottles of coke filled with mentos may not be relevant to many bloggers whose aim is to inform rather than entertain, but if you are looking for ways to monetize your site [...]

Dec 22 2006

No Other Rock

Over at my blog, WordUp, I have been blogging about some personal development musings that are the result of a vision I had more than a decade ago. You can read up on this series of posts if that sounds interesting to you by clicking here.
This vision I recieved has been going through my mind [...]

Dec 21 2006

Money From Friends

I had a nice surprise – a cheque (check) from the Friend Finder Group for US$107. It was a surprise because I didn’t think I had earned nearly that much. I’ve published a copy of the cheque (with personal details omitted) just to show I’m not telling porkies!
So who are the Friend Finder Group? They [...]

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