Jan 31 2007

Hit Exchanges And Google AdSense

I have written a little on my own blog today about Blog Soldiers and AdSense.
Blog Soldiers appear to be sending out emails stating that: ‘There is nothing in Blogsoldiers that violates the Terms of Service of AdSense.’
Personally I see this differently having had a ‘warning’ from AdSense, a while back, for using Hit Exchanges [...]

Jan 29 2007

The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow

I was amazed when Nick Pruett, a blogger from Techboggle contacted me. It wasn’t Nick’s interest in article exchanges and link exchanges that took me by surprise, but the fact that the author of some very insightful techy posts is just 17 years old.
Not wishing to sound condescending to older (or indeed young) folks, but [...]

Jan 28 2007

Leave a Comment Friday

I was thinking about setting aside a day where I would post in the morning/afternoon asking for comments from our visitors. I would select a random blog, and that website/blog would be added to our blogroll for the week and also receive a link to their site. The next week we would remove them an [...]

Jan 28 2007


Our Blog of the Year Winner
After moving the blog to wordpress and doing all the editing and everything we’ve needed I’ve been so busy I haven’t exactly lived up to my promises for our competition. Not only that but my favorite fish died and I lost my lucky sock, ok I’m just making excuses, on [...]

Jan 28 2007

Baseball in Fort Wayne

As some of you may know, I have a book that is rapidly approaching its release date.

Jan 25 2007

The Coincidence Of Success

It’s strange how success can come about.  Anita Roddick, of Body Shop fame, said that when she started her very first shop she simply wanted sufficient money to survive and be able to feed her children.
The green colour for her stores wasn’t a flash of inspiration. It was chosen simply because it seemed the only colour that would cover the [...]

Jan 24 2007

Blog about your Blog Author Interview

Rob from Million Dollar Experiment Down Under has been chosen to be our second Blog about your Blog author interview. I have asked him a series of questions about some personal things, blogging and blog about your blog. I hope you enjoy the interview.
First of all, tell us a little bit about yourself.
Are you married? [...]

Jan 23 2007

Conversations With God

Imagine your life is falling apart and around you, so just to make yourself feel better, you sit down and write an angry letter to God, telling him exactly how you feel about how he has treated you. I think we can all imagine ourselves in that situation.
But what if, when the letter is finished, [...]

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