Jan 2 2007

About PJ’s Corner…

PJ’s Corner is a treasure outlet of nostalgic handcrafted greeting cards, note cards, post cards, gift cards, personalized paper dolls, paper dolls, paper doll coloring books, coloring books, stationery, calendars, bookmarks, scrapbook stickers, theme booklets, gift bags, a FREE color page, theme booklets, shopping lists, & our fully illustrated children’s book – Twiglet” the Little Christmas Tree*. The “blogvoices” for PJ’s Corner include http://pjscorner7.blogspot.com and http://twigletbook.blogspot.com, while http://mustangncowboys.blogspot.com and http://heartfeltnotes.blogspot.com delve into our personal side. Phyllis and Janey welcome you to step back into the past as you navigate through PJ’s Corner…

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