Jan 2 2007

BlogAboutYourBlog Update

Little disappointed to annouce we only have 6 members on the forum, but they are 6 great members! lol. I haven’t promoted the forum full fledge yet, or sent emails but that is soon to come. I am still testing the forum and looking to install a new template for the design. So you can consider it in Beta. The forum discussions however will not be affected, so please take a second and join us.

The Blog of the Year voting is almost complete. Remember the top 4 blog’s in each poll advance, with one wildcard blog to the finals. The voting for the first round ends at 12pm PST time. After that I will be making one final poll to vote on, and ask the 5 finalists for their paypal emails so they can receive their 5$ upon winning.

I am also considering putting together a blog of the month with the same concept. Leave me a comment if you’d participate in something like that.

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