Jan 11 2007

Simple Networking

The best way to get links is to leave good, non-spammy comments on other blogs. How to find them? What to say?

A good start is to find the blogs running various re-occurring posts such as Thursday Thirteen, Wordless Wednesday and some others. The premise is simple: Thursday 13 is where you post a list of 13 things about any subject you like, and then find other bloggers lists & comment on theirs. They then follow your link back, and it’s a great way to generate traffic & meet new bloggers.

For an example, check out todays Thursday 13 on my blog: Blog-Op You can see my list, and underneath a box containing the names & links of bloggers who have visited & commented. You can follow these links and then leave your own comment and link – it’s a really good idea. Others include the Wordless Wednesday where you post a photo of your choice, and Photo Scavenger Hunt on Saturday, where you are given a theme to find a photo.

If you’d like to know more about the autolink box, visit the creator Mr Linky, and I also have a tutorial on how to insert them into your blog on Blog-Op. Drop your link in my post & then follow the links out!

Update: One other very useful thing about the autolink box, is that the links you leave are Technorati friendly and count towards links to your blog = higher Technorati rank. Even more reason to use them!

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