Jan 19 2007

Money Waiting!

Click to go to Mike's Money Making Mission I’ve been trying out a few smaller money making programs this week and have been reporting about them on my blog, Mike’s Money Making Mission.

Today I joined TreasureTrooper to test out their claims. They write that if you: take surveys, sample products, signup for free trials, join clubs,  you’ll get  paid for doing so, and that there are over $2000 in offers!

When I looked at the site, sure enough, there were 434 offers of where you could make money ranging from 50c to $50. (Some of the offers are for the USA only). You have to join first to see these.

I just did the one offer, to see how it works, and earnt $1.50 in about five minutes.

A good money making point to   TreasureTrooper is that if you refer others you get 20% of their earnings plus another 5% on the second level.  I’ve seen that some members have made up to $650 and maybe more, so there are income possibilities.

It’s not a program to be taken too seriously but it could earn members a few dollars (paid monthly, minimum $20).

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  1. Dena said:

    Before I got into real IM I tried Treasure Trouper. I signed up for a couple of their thingies and received a few points. BUT the bad thing is that my email address was distributed all over the place and I started to receive TONS of spam in my inbox.
    So, if anyone is considering TT – make sure you open a junk email account for all the garbage spam you will surely receive!!!

    January 21st, 2007 at 8:22 pm
  2. Jack said:

    I hate to be crass but this seems a little like a pyramid scheme. I am not saying it is illegal, just reminds me of some sort of digital Amway.

    January 29th, 2007 at 5:05 am


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