Jan 24 2007

Blog about your Blog Author Interview

Rob from Million Dollar Experiment Down Under has been chosen to be our second Blog about your Blog author interview. I have asked him a series of questions about some personal things, blogging and blog about your blog. I hope you enjoy the interview.

First of all, tell us a little bit about yourself.

Are you married? Girlfriend?

I am married, with 2 little kids, and live in Auckland, New Zealand

What do you do when you are not blogging?

I work full time in IT as a Database Analyst which keeps me busy… outside of work I enjoy running, the occasional game of squash and of course socializing with friends and family. The favourite sports I like watching are Rugby League and Rugby, these sports are however probably more popular in NZ and Australia than other parts of the world!

Both of our interviewers have been from out of the US!

What is your favorite blog to read besides your own?

I read a lot of blogs, my favourite at the moment is www.shoemoney.com , I do however take time to visit most of the blogs I link to that are a similar theme to my own.

I have read that too from time to time, very successful blogger!

Now the personal is out of the way, let me ask you a few questions about your blog

When was your blog created?

The Million Dollar Experiment Down Under began on the 14th October 2006, so its been going just over 3 months.

Seems to be about the same time we all started up our blogs.

Why did you choose your blog topic?

Being a Steve Pavlina fan for a while now I was impressed with his Million Dollar Experiment, so I thought why not give it a go and blog about the journey as I go along, which also helps to motivate me.

Did you think you were going to be instantly successful?

Not at all, I realize that it takes a lot of time to build valuable content on a blog site, as well as loyal readers.

What do you enjoy most about blogging?

There are two things that I enjoy the most, one is receiving and responding to comments from readers, this is great because no matter what your stats are saying it proves people are actually reading and interested in your posts. The other thing I get a buzz out of is reading other blogs that are pointing to a post on your site saying it is worth reading, or mentioning something you posted about that has helped them out in some way.

I love reading posts or reviews of Blog about your Blog! It makes it all worthwhile.

Where do you see your web site in one year?

In one years time I would like to have a readership in the hundreds and hopefully be well on the way to assisting my readers (along with myself) to increasing the wealth that they are making online!

Do you have any new upcoming projects or ideas you want to announce?

Myself and a colleague have just launched a new web site www.curryfocus.com – its about curries and curry restaurants all around the world!

I’ve only had curry once, and it wasn’t too bad! Interesting concept, I hope you get a post together on BAYB about it so we can read more!

What is the best feature on your blog?

I believe the best feature would be the 10 day summaries showing where the money is being made from in the experiment to date.

And the final series of questions, a little bit about Blog about your Blog

How did you find us?

I would have to say that you found me really, at the beginning you sent me an email asking if I would like to join up.

You were hand-picked lol

What do you like most about BAYB?

In a nutshell I guess the way that BAYB can be used to generate additional traffic to your site.

What new feature would you like to see?

I think as this site grows bigger one way to really crank it up would be to share the revenue of the site with the Authors of the content, obviously that is not an option whilst the site is in its infancy but in time it would be great to see.

Yes I would definitely love to do this. Of course we are starting small, I am getting an affiliate program together as well as free advertising to our BAYB authors. I would love to re-invest that not only in BAYB and further success of that, but also in the members who have been with us from the beginning and promoted us so much.

…For the hardest question of all…

What do you like the least?

Its looking much better since the centered text disappeared… lol, however although it is just a small thing I think the font size should be increased just a point or so. If you have a large screen resolution the font is quite tiny.

I found the evil source of the centered text and I defeated it. Next it is time to search where I can fix the font size. Thanks!

Who have you chosen to be the next one interviewed?

I choose Tom of the Soap Box Jury to be interviewed next.

Thank you for the interview, I appreciate your answers and timely response to it! Get ready Tom we are coming for you next. Remember if there was a question I missed that you want asked in the next interview please submit it by commenting on this post or emailing me at ff_n_stuff@yahoo.com

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  1. Mike said:

    Interesting interview. It’s good to read a little more about our fellow bloggers and especially Robm whose blog I have followed virtually since the beginning.

    January 25th, 2007 at 3:38 pm


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