Jan 28 2007


Our Blog of the Year Winner

After moving the blog to wordpress and doing all the editing and everything we’ve needed I’ve been so busy I haven’t exactly lived up to my promises for our competition. Not only that but my favorite fish died and I lost my lucky sock, ok I’m just making excuses, on to the review.
I promised a review on our winner and will try to give it the best I can.

First of all I love the art. Everytime I come to the blog it has a new very well drawn picture. RPG means… role playing game, so he must be drawing different characters and monsters. I am kind of lost in it all as I have just scratched the surface of this blog.
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The first thing you will notice besides the art is the language. After the English it is translated to.. Italian?

Not many ads, the ones that are there are well placed and don’t take away from the drawings. The rest of the widgets and add-ons don’t either. MyBlogLog as well as a shoutbox are placed on the main page. I don’t like the fact that the shoutbox replaces the comment section, but it works.

To easily view the other drawings there is a convenient ‘next‘ button so you can just go along to the next page and the next drawing.

Obviously this blog has great support on winning the Blog of the Year and we want to congratulate them ones again for winning. Let us know if there is anything else we can do and you are always welcome to post on our blog if you’d like. Thanks for your participation and dedication to our contest to win.

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  1. Jack said:

    This was an excellent review of JCM’s RPG. As an old time gamer I found the site very interested and was appreciative of your directing me to that site.
    Sorry to hear about your fish.

    January 29th, 2007 at 4:25 am


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