Jan 29 2007

The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow

I was amazed when Nick Pruett, a blogger from Techboggle contacted me. It wasn’t Nick’s interest in article exchanges and link exchanges that took me by surprise, but the fact that the author of some very insightful techy posts is just 17 years old.

Not wishing to sound condescending to older (or indeed young) folks, but there is something quite uplifting reading decent commentaries and explanations about the latest, so-say greatest gadgets, software and computer sundries from a young writer. Just like the more mature tech heads out there, he knows what he is talking about, explains things simply and has quite a refined sense of humor. The advantage he has over the old dogs is his perspective. His points of view are like a breath of fresh air. Unlike The Pisstakers posts which are tarnished by years of work and disappointments and almost innate cynicism, Techboggle tries to find a positive in a sea of negativity.

Anyway, if you see plenty of references to Techboggle on The Pisstakers blog, and even some posts from there, don’t be surprised, because as the title of this post implies, youngsters like Nick Pruett are the future of the internet and us oldies want to keep up.

I already had my first dose of Trackback, and hope to find out what that means in plain English. And I am sure that I will be the first to learn about the latest greatest trends in blogging before the old guys pick up on them. (Of course I will then pass the info on to here, once I have understood what on earth is going on!)

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  1. Matt said:

    thanks for this article, i actually recently began talking to techboggle on AIM. He definitely works hard on his blog and hes pretty talented.

    January 29th, 2007 at 7:32 pm


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