Feb 1 2007

News & Some Traffic Tips

Quick apologies to Matt for not posting more often, my own blogging is taking up more & more time, but anyway…

Both my blogs are doing quite well considering their young age, and sites like BAYB are proving invaluable for picking up some new tips. I’ve put my stats up here, and as you can see, in a little over 2 months I’ve managed to attract just short of 10,000 visitors, which I’m quite pleased with. Blog-Op has now got eight contributors who have all written some excellent articles for improving your blog and your traffic. You too can be one of these authors if you have some tips to share, and in return you get at least 2 links back to your blog along with some free publicity. Contribution is easy, read how-to here.

My miscellaneous blog of hot air, Thermal, is doing better than I could have hoped for, and I now have a lot of regular commenters generating a nice atmosphere, and linking to some really good blogs. The ‘Most Hot Air’ comment leaderboard has proven popular, and as it gives you a Technorati friendly link to your blog, it’s worth de-lurking for a few comments. Thermal is basically intended to be a little diversion from boredom, with some cartoons, interesting links and other random stuff that’s not too heavy – you’re more than welcome to visit.

In terms of getting some good quality traffic (readers and commenters) to your site, I can recommend two things, both of which it may be worth BAYB trying:

  1. A Bestest Blog donation. The free link is essential, but do consider donating. I donated $50 (10 ‘paid posts’ later I get it back) and my traffic tripled overnight, and has sustained that level. By donating, you get a higher chance of coming out when someone clicks the ‘randomblog’ button. People using the random button earn nothing, no credits or anything. As a result, they are simply looking for new blogs to read, and a far higher percentage read, make comments AND come back. By donating you also become eligible for a fellow blogger to nominate you for Blog of the Day, which happened to me yesterday. This improves your random chances even more, and sure enough my hits have gone up again.
  2. Make use of the Mr Linky autolinks and weekly memes. As an example, BAYB could take part in a ‘Thursday 13′, by putting up a list of 13 reasons to use BAYB, a ‘Click & Comment Monday’, which is just that, or even a ‘Wordless Wednesday’, where you simply post a photo. You then visit other blogs, and leave your link and a comment on their site, and they then visit yours in turn. You mustn’t spam, but with some thoughtful comments, and a couple of dozen links, you can get more readers to visit. Links left in an autolink box also count for Technorati purposes. I’ve written a short post on how to install these autolinks on Blog-Op.

I hope these tips can do for you, what they did for me, and I’d love to post your tips up on Blog-Op. Enjoy your blogging!

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2 Comments on this post


  1. Matt said:

    I understand you get busy, we all do. Glad to see you post though! Good post.

    I have actually invested 7$ to the bestest blog program. Not much but I only had 10$ in paypal at the time. We’ll see how that goes and maybe I can get some more together.

    Good job on your blogs, congrats on blog of the day!

    February 1st, 2007 at 7:17 pm
  2. Chris said:

    Cheers Matt, I’m working like a pro-blogger but without the income ;-)

    February 1st, 2007 at 8:15 pm


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