Feb 8 2007

Google webmaster console, is it good?

Finally, after a long wait, Google has announced the release of a tool that we bloggers always needed – a tool that shows us our links for our sites. Now with Google webmaster console one can see the links of our sites – not only from blogs like technorati, but forums, websites and directories.

To use it, you need to login to Google Webmaster Console and verify your sites, which include adding some code, but you will only need to do it once, and you´re set. However a mate of mine has mentioned something important – even though the links are displayed in your link count, not all of them add to your google rank or site popularity. Not all links carry weight.

Checking my art blog out, seems all my forum backlinks are there, but links on mylot, orkut and mylot are missing. Sites such as blogs, technorati, art directories are in, yet LIVE and typepad blogs that have linked to me are missing.It has its flaws, but its a useful tool for any webmaster, and I suggest every blogger to check it out.

On a side note, this is my first post with wordpress. If anything happens, Mike did it. ;-)

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  1. Lee said:

    I had enough trouble trying to get the console to recognise my ownership over a site so I can’t comment on it as of yet!

    Congrats on your first WP post!!! It certainly appears not to have wrecked anything!!!

    February 12th, 2007 at 4:12 am


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