Feb 9 2007

Everybody needs a dream…

… and everyone should try to make that dream come true.  That’s the practical upshot to our blog, One Old Green Bus.

During some “hard times”, our whole family talked about our dreams and visions to take our minds off some bad troubles… Well, the troubles ended up being lifted, but our dreams still remain… and one of them is important to our whole family and we’re trying to make it happen… and yeah, we need help.

If you surf on over to http://doubledeckerbuses.org/blog/ you can read all about it… and about a whole lot of other stuff too!  (We try to be entertaining, amusing, and thought provoking as we hopefully we get our dream to become a reality!

Help us rescue and own an old double-decker bus… save a piece of history… and see a dream come true.  Please visit One Old Green Bus. Well wishes, and new advertising, promotion ideas always welcome!

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