Feb 24 2007

Revisiting MyLot

The majority of the bloggers I read are all on mylot and earn a little extra money from it. On January 13 I received 21.34 and I am scheduled to make another 10.66 when they pay next. That number of course should increase a few dollars by then.

This is essentially just from my referrals, I barely post on there at all. On a good day my referrals can earn me almost 1.00$ per day. Thats 1$ a day without even having to post or visit the website!

When I first joined MyLot in late November their member total was about 40,000 people, since then they have 73,538 members!

Not only can you earn money through Mylot, you can also receive some traffic income. Mike reports he receives about an extra 12 visitors a day.

If you haven’t joined get in now, and start earning some money and get visitors to your site!

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  1. AglocoNews said:

    Hey Matt,

    How many referrals do you have with MyLot?

    February 24th, 2007 at 7:20 pm
  2. JCM said:

    Aside from the coccasional flamewar, with 1,300 posts I´ve made as of last month $81 on Mylot so far, with 2 half-active referrals contribuiting $10 so far.. stats can be seen in my blog

    Success on Mylot means making friends, who for example, when my star rating goes down due to some flameawars, they push your star rating back. And these friends also respond to your discussions, and you, to theirs.

    The spam days are quite past, and there are many interesting discussions over there, and since Im a forum junkie, might as well get paid for my addiction.

    March 1st, 2007 at 2:35 am


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