Feb 25 2007

A few sophisticated directories

It seems that the task of linking to directories always appear in the blogger’s TO DO list. PR4 and above sites are best. Reading through Mike’s weekly stats, he isn’t so convinced of their usefulness, at least as far as driving traffic to your site. I guess like all things, you have to weigh up where your time is best spent, and there can’t be any harm in allocating a few minutes a week to signing up to directories that Google at least deem worthy as a link.

Anyway, I came across 3 options/alternatives that you might want to check out. Swicki, Chainki and bla.st. I am not promising the earth, but they may just deliver something more than the normal 1 visitor a month!

Swicki is a cross between a search engine and an on-line encyclopedia (wiki). If you go to our swicki and search your blog name, a set of results will appear. Ignore them! Directly below the search box, use the link to input your own bio. This will then be logged on Swicki, and whenever anyone else on the internet uses Swicki to search for you , your custom description will appear with your search result! Quite nice.

Chainki is a wiki derivative of DMOZ, one of THE main directories on the internet. Chainki is collaborative and like Swicki, you can tap into it by inputting your own abbreviated details/tag line in a suitable category. Like all wikis, it can be re-edited by others.

And bla.st is a new business cards directory that if nothing else, is going to cause a stir for a while, so it is probably worth jumping in there. It is free to upload your “business card” either of your blog, or a promo or service. You can categorise your card to suit. By bidding cents per day you can push your card higher up the heirarchy and for $5 a day you can be number one on the whole site. We did a review of bla.st at The Pisstakers and were credited 3 cents a day, which currently puts us second under “humor”!

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  1. Culture Shiok! said:

    I’ve tried bla.st

    You can check my card under Philippines.

    March 2nd, 2007 at 6:21 pm


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