Feb 25 2007

Dodgy Money Making Schemes

Click to go to Mike's Money Making MissionHaving been around the business opportunity scene for quite a number of years I hate to see people being sucked into dodgy schemes.

One such program I feel is the Wealth Toolbox. Simply for signing up with them they claim they will pay $50 to new members. They also say that any referrals are also worth a further $50 each. This is obviously a load of old tosh.

In saying this, though, I’ve seen quite a few bloggers falling for the hype and promoting the program.  I’ve written a post today, on my own blog, about this: A Warning About Wealth Toolbox.

It reminds me of a Ponzi scheme first originated by Charles Ponzi before WW2.

Making money with advertised opportunities is a mine field, especially now with worldwide availability over the Internet.

The old adage is true: If a money making scheme looks too good to be true, it probably is.

Good blogging,
Mike’s Money Making Mission

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