Mar 6 2007

Author Interview with Ed

Ed from The Pisstakers has been chosen for a Blog about your Blog author interview. I have asked Ed’s Wife Ed a series of questions about some personal things, blogging and blog about your blog. I hope you enjoy the interview.

Are you married? Girlfriend? Boyfriend?

Last year a very brave woman agreed to accept me with all my faults and she married me with all her faults. It’s amazing being in a team where faults complement each other, and I highly recommend holding out for that perfect partner.

She must of been over your shoulder while we did this interview! lol

What do you do when you are not blogging?

I like to eat my wife’s cooking, but I am not allowed to say that the food tastes good. Apparently it irritates her because I would eat an old sock if she served it up, and still say it was nice. I also spend a few hours a week assisting her in a long term project to tame a stallion. Patience will prevail and I am resigned to being the smarter of the two studs in the family.

What is your favorite blog to read besides your own?

That’s a tricky one. There are more blogs than people, aren’t there? After great deliberation, Ask Pud. He doesn’t post too regularly, but he always seems to have something funny or outrageous to say.

Alright enough about your wife, let’s talk about your blog.

When was your blog created?

I can’t remember, but according to Awstats, end of August 2006.

Why did you choose your blog topic?

There are actually 3 blogs within The Pisstakers. Tech, news and quirky. I am a closet wannabe geek but I only know enough about tech and web stuff to be dangerous. I also wanted to broaden the scope of the blog (and my own mind) with topical current affairs, and quirky weird stories. To mask my worrying lack of in-depth knowledge and scanty research, I thought it best to write it all up with a twist of humor. Voilá!

Did you think you were going to be instantly successful?

Absolutely not. And I made doubly sure that instant success would not be mine, by putting together a 2 year plan to get the blog fully set up!

What do you enjoy most about blogging?

It may sound stupid, but I like lunch time! That means all the articles have been done, and it’s time to do something else until the evening run round my online buddies’ blogs.

Do you have any new upcoming projects or ideas you want to announce?

I am thinking about how to implement some sort of “you submit my best posts, I’ll submit yours” scheme – to get the maximum benefit from social bookmark sites.
I have also been writing material for Nick Pruett’s new baby, Top Funnies, which is building up into a good blog, if you are into stand-up comedy from around the world.

What is the best feature on your blog?

Ironically the page that takes the least work has the highest PR – Funny Quote of the Day. On the technical side, the archiving is very clever. Too boring to go into, but it’s a very neat solution.

You have an interesting blog design, how did you come up with it?

I didn’t want any old rectilinear cookie cutter theme, and it had to be colorful and fun. Having said that, the star attraction, the written content, still had to be legible, and findable. (Still trying to perfect the search capabilities, but overall, I’m happy with the rest.)

Are you the designer as well as author?

I guess I proposed the concept, but Oscar Furgoni came up with the layout and Giuseppe Caruso from Bonsai Studio coded it and polished it all up. All very international and good fun. My artistic contribution is to add the banner images for each post.

What do you rely most on to get traffic to your blog or website?

Luck most of the time. Reviewing other blogs is quite productive, so that is an avenue worth pursuing. Google traffic is building too. Keep on putting decent posts out there, and saying hi to other bloggers. I am slow about networking, a hangover from college where you spend the first 2 minutes making friends, and the following 2 semesters trying to lose most of them!

And the final series of questions, a little bit about Blog About Your Blog

How did you find us?

On MyBlogLog. Pre BAYB, I noticed you, or rather, you and Mike on other forums!

What do you like most about BAYB?

You and Lee are good leaders, and good writers are following your lead. It is cool, and I am sure this is one blog that won’t atrophy.

We are just getting started.

What new feature would you like to see?

An on-page option to change text size. Thus spake the blind man.

What do you like the least?

Very long interviews? Don’t beat me for this criticism, but the color of the text beneath the post title seems a little too light for instant reading. And related to that, I just tried to check for past author interviews and it took me a while to work out how you access posts by category.

Maybe we need the categories on the sidebar. Your interview is probably longest of all! hah!

Who have you chosen to be the next one interviewed?

First off, I would like to thank Stefanie for putting me forward. I hope I haven’t made her regret her decision. And passing on the baton, I would like to nominate Rhys. I believe it was St David’s Day earlier in the week, so he is sure to be on form.

Thank you for the interview, I think we know more about your wife than we do you though!(kidding) Remember if there was a question I missed that you want asked in the next interview please submit it by commenting on this post or emailing me at

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  1. Ideas for moving The Pisstakers - up | Blog About Your Blog wrote:

    [...] Afterall, in 2 years time, I expect to be supporting my wife off the proceeds, (you may recall I have a wife!) so, traffic will be key. I like this shifting gears idea btw, as the stats have got quite [...]

    April 7th, 2007 at 12:49 pm
  1. Rev. Joseph Qelqoth said:

    This whole interviewing of bloggers seems interesting.

    March 6th, 2007 at 12:40 pm
  2. Matt said:

    glad you like it :)

    March 6th, 2007 at 1:06 pm
  3. lyndonmaxewell said:

    Ahh.. This is interesting, and something that I was looking for. :)

    March 7th, 2007 at 1:44 am
  4. Stefanie said:

    Great interview Ed, of course I don’t regret choosing you in the least!

    March 7th, 2007 at 8:49 am
  5. Nicholas Pruett said:

    Great interview Matt, and nice answers ED, have to say your wife must of been over your shoulder, as said in the interview. Thanks for bringing up OUR project , not just mine, its a team effort :)

    Nicholas Pruett

    March 7th, 2007 at 12:34 pm
  6. Ed the Editor said:

    I appreciate the positive response folks. Can’t say I have done an interview before but it was fun, despite being told what to say.

    March 8th, 2007 at 9:11 am


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