Mar 13 2007

Feve’s Blog

Feve’s Blog is looking for a little more publicity, so buying a review from us is a great start.

The first thing I think when coming to this blog, it is still on blogspot *groan*. There are some successful blogs that stay on blogger, but getting your own domain is always a good idea.

The template is pretty simple, a regular blogger template. I would definitely invest in something custom, as well as a header. I don’t want a visitors first thought to be that it’s just another blogger blog. When I have a blog I am really trying to promote and progress, you want something that is your own. Therefore you personalize.

The theme obviously seems to be foreign, mostly chinese. I love the little bit of chinese on the page, like I mentioned, personalize. It’s good.
However if you are going to write about it, correct grammar is a must, especially in the title. Amreican & Chinese Culture, I’m not much for criticizing people for bad grammar or punctuation, but that’s pretty bad. I do like this article though, give it a look I’m a blogger, You’re a blogger,

“In short… be yourself, blog the net, and have fun.”

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  1. ryan444123 said:

    Please, please move off of blogger. Try wordpress, they even have a migration tool that will work great if you host with wordpress or get your own host. I cannot stress this enough.

    Out! Nice blog however.

    March 15th, 2007 at 12:04 pm


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