Mar 25 2007

MyBlogLog Sunday at The Pisstakers

Hey ho, it’s MyBlogLog Sunday at the Pisstakers. I got my lazy butt into gear and over morning coffee took a snapshot of the 10 MyBlogLog bloggers who last visited the Pisstakers.

I then had the pleasure of surfing 10 sites and had no problem finding interesting and funny stuff to report back on. They all got a couple of links, and the blog that sends the most traffic to The Pisstakers this week gets a pound of gummi bears and a review. What greater incentive can there possibly be to get those 10 featured bloggers to write a quick plug on their site for MyBlogLog Sunday?

This is true candy-coated link love at work, people!

What is MyBlogLog?
In case you didn’t know, MyBlogLog is Yahoo’s latest golden social network, geared up for bloggers to meet and interact with other bloggers. The Pisstakers community is a shadow of the BAYB MBL behemoth, but it is a good service for all sizes of website, and big or small, we all get those face widget things in our sidebar.

So what, if it is good for bloggers, say the people with no blog! My initial reaction was the same, but think about it, anyone can click on the widgets and discover new sites that really twiddle your knobs with their style and content.

MyBlogLog is a win-win. (Unless your name is ShoeMoney and you get banned!) Last week MBL was the 34th most visited webspace on the internet, proof that it has plenty to offer surfers as well as lonely hearts blogmasters looking for inspiration and camaraderie.

There will be a permanent link on our homepage, and if you want a piece of the MyBlogLog Sunday action (plus gummi bears), get yourself on the Pisstakers widget list on the homepage around 10am coffee time next Sunday.

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