Mar 30 2007

Easy Money Online

Here is a common question that I have seen asked many many times before – Whats the easiest way to make money online. Here are some of the methods I have been playing around with recently:


ExoClick is a PayPerClick advertising network. I did a little experiment with ExoClick about a week ago and made $2 with basically no effort in a day. It took no time at all to make the $10 payout level but low and behold, they didn’t bother paying and deleted my account. This is one I think you should stay away from.


MyLot will pay you to start and join in on discussions. They use an algorithm to calculate your earnings based on your level of participation. But the easiest way to earn is through Referrals. You will get 25% of your referrals earnings. There is nothing quite like passive income! Although I have only made a dollar or so at MyLot, I definitely enjoy the community feel of things. I have heard of quite a few people making reasonable amounts from MyLot.


PayPerPost is one of my favorites. In order to join your going to need a blog that is 3 months old. And if you’re planning on making any real money you’re going to need a quality blog with good content. They segment out the “crap” blogs (I would say 99% of blogs) based on Alexa, Technorati and Page ranks. I have made over $100 from just a few posts and the top earner has made over $8,000 this month. They also have a good affiliate program and the popular “Review My Post” program too.


Agloco is another revenue sharing concept. However, no one has made anything from it and no one knows if anyone will make anything from Agloco. From my experience, I would say that Agloco isn’t going to be profitable and will soon go bust. But then again……I really don’t know.


Flimble is probably the quickest way to earn a few dollars. They will pay you to register with sites like the ones I have listed so far. Earnings are paid instantly and its a great incentive to join some good sites. Of course you can pay people to sign-up at Flimble as well. This is probably an even easier way to make some passive income.

Some Others

Helium – From what I have seen and heard, this site isn’t worth the effort. You can write the same sort of stuff at PayPerPost and make a lot more.

SlashMySearch – Refer a few people to this site and the earnings will start start coming in. This a revenue sharing site that pays you to search.

RazzleDazzleAds -Ok this is a site that I own. It pays you to read ads and review products. Its just starting out with only around 200 members so it would be great to see you join. You will also earn by referring people.

FriendFinder – Why not cash in on the Internet Dating. Its now a very big industry and many people have made decent amounts from the affiliate program.

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  1. HMTKSteve said:

    I think that is $8K over the course of their PPP career! If you could make $8K per month from PPP then folks such as John Chow would be using it!

    March 31st, 2007 at 3:48 pm
  2. Anthony said:

    Sorry my mistake. Youre right Steve. Thats 8K over the last few months. The top earner for this month has made over 1.7K. Folks like John Chow? He uses ReviewMe.

    March 31st, 2007 at 4:24 pm
  3. Jason Tan said:

    Interesting post, you might be able to speed up the process of making money with this it’s a free interview that teaches you how to accelerate yourself to wealth.

    Jason Tan

    May 11th, 2007 at 12:06 am


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