Mar 25 2007

MyBlogLog Sunday at The Pisstakers

Hey ho, it’s MyBlogLog Sunday at the Pisstakers. I got my lazy butt into gear and over morning coffee took a snapshot of the 10 MyBlogLog bloggers who last visited the Pisstakers.
I then had the pleasure of surfing 10 sites and had no problem finding interesting and funny stuff to report back on. They [...]

Mar 25 2007

Comment Friday Winner

As we say goodbye to last weeks winner Jason Buckley, we welcome our new comment friday winner Jon Lee.
He was the first commentor that I visited and his content was pretty good, something I definitely wanted to read. After subscribing to his feed I read a little more.
Good luck with defeating your google twin!
Sorry the [...]

Mar 23 2007

MLB Team Outlooks

Over at CGBB, I have invited several guest bloggers to post season outlooks of the Major League Baseball teams they follow. So far, we have about half the teams covered and are looking for a few more who would be interested in contributing.
When you get a monent, visit CGBB and review some of the ‘07 [...]

Mar 23 2007

Comment Friday- March 23

[Update] I should of put this in the original post, but here it is now. Mitch at HarpzOn is hosting his own comment competition, but his is souped up with charitable donations. Each comment he receives on his post, will have a 10 dollar donation by him, basically from you. I hope you head on [...]

Mar 21 2007

Our First Blog Carnival

This is Blog about your Blog’s first blog carnival. I have included 20 articles submitted by fellow bloggers. The qualifications were simple, I just asked for your best post. By just asking that, we have received a nice amount of submissions on a variety of topics. I encourage you to visit some of these blogs [...]

Mar 20 2007

Hey!? My blog is a Transformer!

Yes I’m already sure that your blog is more than meets the eye but what do you do when your blog actually transforms?
This is what I faced a couple of months ago when I realized that the business blog that I started that was supposed to be purely a discussion and showcase to help potential [...]

Mar 19 2007

What To Do With My Adsense Cheque?

On Saturday, I recieved my first ever google adsense cheque for the princely sum of £59.18 (curse the strong pound and the weak dollar!). I recently posted on my blog a very important question: what the bloody hell should I do with it? I feel I should do something something more constructive than spending it [...]

Mar 18 2007

Hi My Business Name Goes Here and This is My Blog

Many applaud the blog platform for its casual nature and relaxed approach to getting your thoughts and opinions out into the world.
But casual or relaxed doesn’t have to mean unprofessional or sloppy and if you are going to use corporate blogging for your business you won’t want it to be either! Unless of course if [...]

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