Apr 8 2007

Crystal Coast Tech Blog Review

As I am exposed to new blogs, I notice many are now becoming community or collaborative blogs. If not, at least they use guest posting from time to time. It’s definitely beneficial to have multiple bloggers on one blog. Which brings me to our latest blog review.

One of the blogs on my feed reader, is a great tech blog, Crystal Coast Tech. Recently we have been able to work together and exchange advertising spots. You may notice a banner in our rotation about their site. Just the same, we have a Blog about your Blog Banner on their site!

They are running a busy website developement site, and when they get the chance, a great blog as well. To meet demands, they are also using guest tech bloggers. They get a good amount of traffic, I believe about 900 pageviews per day, so it’s a great opportunity to be a part of their blog.

Our friend Nick, who we’ve mentioned several times on our blog, most recently his Evil John Chow Photoshop Contest. I referred Nick to the Crystal Coast Tech Blog a few weeks ago. Since then he’s had several articles posted on the blog and got to know the guys behind the blog.

This is what Nick had to say about Crystal Coast Tech:

“Being a frequent poster on CCTECH, I would have to say that Anthony is a great guy and a great blogger, even though he is constantly busy with his web design business, he is still great to talk to and I am thankful for the experience gained from writing on his great blog!”

Anthony has given me a few tips I’ve used for this blog. Plugin advice etc, that I am definitely thankful for. So as a bit of a thanks, go on over to their blog for me and let them know BAYB sent you.

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