Apr 11 2007

Just an update…

Thought I would just check in so everyone knows I’m still around LOL – it’s been about five minutes since I last posted in here. Got two great submissions for Blog Doctor and I’m working on those as we speak so we should have the first weekly edition next week.

Over on Quit Your Day Job I’ve been doing a lot of posts about sequels (five in all) and I’ve been getting some very strong opinions! So if you haven’t already done so yet come on over and vent about your most hated sequel or declare your love for your favourite! Just to give you an idea of some of the stuff I’m talking about one of my lists are 5 prequels that I’d like to see and one of them that I suggest is Predator. Would love to see Predator through the ages – imagine him facing off a quick draw!!!!

Predator At High Noon

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