Apr 14 2007

BloggersChoiceAwards.Com: Make your Vote Count

We finally got the chance to blog about the Bloggers Choice Awards and get paid for it. Bloggers Choice is a new website that will be giving out blog awards for several different categories. We are currently up for Best Blog about Blogging, but it definitely is a tough competition.

hanks to Mike, we are currently offering blogs to get more chance of getting voted for, you can see by visiting our two posts about the Bloggers Choice Awards.

Voting has started, so get your blog listed asap, it will only get harder. Voting stops May 22nd (my birthday) and the winners will be “officially” announced at PostieCon. I definitely hope there will be mention of 2nd and 3rd place, because some blogs will be very difficult to beat. By doing that it will give some of the smaller blogs, who worked harder on the awards to get some extra exposure.
If you have started voting, make sure to vote for Blog about your Blog, and the rest of the blogs in our community. To beat the big blogs, we have to work together.

I love the idea of awards, and this is a great way to vote. You may remember Blog about your Blog had it’s own blog of the year voting at the beginning of this year. It was great fun, and everyone got a little link love. Let’s hope bloggers choice will be a big hit and beneficial for everyone.

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