Apr 19 2007

Blog About Your Blog’s Most Popular Articles

I have been wanting to get together a page of our most popular posts for a while now. I put together a quick list of our most popular according to firestats. This lists excludes Author Interviews, Comment Friday, and our Contests and Competitions.

Most of our articles seem to be submitted by Lee. After submitting his articles he usually gets a thumbs up on stumbleupon. Make sure to stumble, digg, or reddit your articles to give them a few additional visitors than they would ordinarily get just by posting on Blog about your Blog.

Enjoy Blog about your Blog’s most popular articles:

Showing a little bit of link love for our Blog Carnival. Definitely some great articles worth reading there.

I had put off making this post, trying to get other things together. However, after reading I Help You Blog and their 101 Great Posting Ideas, I knew I had to get this post published. Expect more posts from the 101 Great Posting Ideas list soon!

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