Apr 19 2007

Misspelt kewords

I nearly fell off my chair to see that I have written one of the more popular posts on Blog About Your Blog. A feather in the cap for satire? No, one lucky lucid moment about optimising the darker corners of your blog or website. I think, ironically, that one of those links (About the site), has recently become obsolete in another tidy up when I combined two pages into one About Us page! See, I practice what I preach.

Misspelt keywords

Right now, I just have a quick tip that may net you some extra and unexpected Google search traffic. I stumbled across a misspelling that has rocketed me to the top of a certain Google listing.

Misspellings might work!
Basically, I was being a smart ass trying to explain how to pronounce the name of an obscure town in England, and couldn’t leave it there and misspelt the country name too (or rather, I wrote the name phonetically). Somehow Google picked out a reference on the page to MP3 players, and now The Pisstakers is number 2 result for anyone looking for “MP3 Ingland“.

Maybe that keyphrase isn’t worth anything per se, but when I did an experiment and searched “keword“, the misspelling threw up an SEO site that is worth its weight in gold! Keyword research and lateral thinking explains some tactics to come up with keywords for a campaign to help you rank in specific areas of interest. It made a lot of sense and again lifted another veil of mystery off the mighty SEO puzzle.

That’s it, another megapopular post, I’m sure :)

btw The MyBlogLog Sunday feature has been generating some buzz, and even given the thumbs up by the MBL team, so I have been inspired to streamline the whole dealio – I invested in a months’ supply of gummi bears and let loose with longer reviews!

cheers, and maybe see you Sunday.


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