May 3 2007

Family WebWatch: A Web Safety Resource

You’ve heard the stories of children being victimized by the sexual predators they met online, or how cyberbullying is on the rise. Sadly, in some cases, if the parents only knew more about these topics and others, they might have helped thwart such horrible outcomes.

Teaching Web safety is just as important as a parent teaching their child not to talk to strangers or what to avoid online. Family WebWatch Blog is a source where parents can find out about such things. It offers commentary and advice on issues such as Internet fraud, cyberbullying, computer viruses, and phishing attempts.

Other things parents can find on this informative blog are reviews of sites that are safe, fun, and educational for children to participate in. Product reviews are also included to help parents know about things like parental control software and utilities to help secure their data and make them more productive.

It’s easy for parents to think that if their child is home and online, then they must be safe. What they may be overlooking is that the computer is a window that is a revolving door to their home, so care must be taken with its use. Family WebWatch Blog will give parents a little boost in that regard.

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