May 7 2007

400 MyBlogLog Members!

Recently I blogged about How We Got 300 MyBlogLog Members. Today we reached our 400th member! I am very surprised to see we got another 100 members in less than a month, with little promotion of it. I appreciate all of our members, and I will be running a contest after we giveaway our mini fridge.

Speaking of our mini-fridge giveaway, we will now give it away when we reach 150 rss feed subscribers, we currently have 118. After that we will be promoting our MyBlogLog Community and give away more prizes, with even more chances to win

Looking for a few tips to get 400 MyBlogLog members? Here is a few excerpts from our most recent MyBlogLog post.

Post about MyBlogLog! Let your readers know you are interested in getting members.

Promote! Just a MyBlogLog widget isn’t enough anymore. Everyone has them! Be unique.

Be Active! Essentially, you get what you put in. The more active you are the more members and traffic you can recieve from MyBlogLog.

Offer Incentives! Contests can definitely increase your member total. Ask for more members and have a drawing for a prize.

Read the original tips in length at How We Got 300 MyBlogLog Members

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