May 15 2007

Notely: A Lesson In Organization For Students

Helping students stay organized for schoolHigh school and college students alike will find Notely a useful tool to help them keep on top of their classes and studies. It’s all too easy for them to be distracted so having an online solution that will reduce the amount of papers they have to keep up with will be quite an attraction for them.

Notely is a collection of online tools that allows for easy storage of courses, tasks, to-do lists (not sure why that’s different than tasks), calendar, contact information and more. It even has a place to upload documents.

The content you store can easily integrate with RSS feed readers and synchronize with iCal (a popular calendar application made by Apple, Inc.). Backing up is breeze. Just select the category of content you want to export to your desktop, and you get a CSV formatted file to download.

Let’s say your high school or college student is sitting in class taking notes (they should be doing that, right?). Well, assuming the teacher encourages laptop use during class, they could be taking notes with Notely. This way if their computer ever breaks down or if they’re left without it (maybe they’re in the library or visiting home from college), then their notes are a few clicks away.

Though the school year may be over for some, it’s never too late to learn important organizational skills. Giving your teen the tools to help them do that will help them later in life.

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