May 22 2007

Enter A Chance To Win $50 Worth Of Google AdWords Coupons

MeAndMyDrum Turns 90 Days OldMy blog — MeAndMyDrum — recently turned 90 days old. I’m celebrating by holding a contest!

I have two Google AdWords coupons that I’ll be giving away. Each is worth $25. It could be as one prize ($50) or two ($25 each) depending on if Google allows the two to be combined on one account (I’m waiting on their response now). Additionally, I’ll give free banner ad space on my blog for 30 days.

You can learn more about the rules and how to enter the contest on my blog.

It’s easy to enter, but you only have until May 31 to do it. So if you’ve been thinking about giving your blog exposure by using ads on Google’s search results, then this is the perfect opportunity to do it at no cost to you — IF you’re a lucky winner!

Please note: Out of respect to BAYB’s loyal readers, I will not accept posts made here as entries to the contest.

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