May 26 2007

BUZmob Can Make Your Blog Mobile

BUZmob is a free mobile feed publishing service — for free — that caters to user, media and corporate content publishers. You’re in control because you don’t have to change a bit of your blog’s content.
Submitting your blog to the network is easy:

Submit the URL of your blog
Enter or select your blog’s feed
Post a button [...]

May 25 2007

My 21st Birthday and Thank You

We didn’t get too many pictures of my birthday, it was busy busy! However, it was pretty fun. Of course the waiter didn’t even card me! How messed up is that. He did buy me a drink though. Let me share a few pictures of my day.

Me and my girlfriend emma, with the baby trying [...]

May 25 2007

Comment Friday for 25th May

Hey everyone it’s Friday again and you all know what that means! No? Don’t be silly it’s comment Friday!!! I’m going to have to keep this short and sweet as I’m a little pressed for time and you guys know what this is all about!!! If you don’t Comment Friday is [...]

May 24 2007

4 Steps To Becoming A Bad Web Parent

For parents who are worried their hands-off approach to supervising their child’s online activities lacks the energy they once had, I thought offering this 4-step plan would be just the jumpstart they’d need. So let’s get right to it!
Step 1 – Give your child free reign on the Internet
Yep, the sky’s the limit! There are [...]

May 24 2007

Your Credit Network

I found a great credit card website, not filled with crappy offers or spam. YourCreditNetwork is a great website, and I’ll tell you why…
They’ve done the research for you

I am surprised at how much I like this website. It’s only credit cards! Yet, it is so put together, there is everything you need when [...]

May 24 2007

Holiday Tactics

Having just returned from a two week holiday in the sunshine it’s nice to get back to blogging again – I think!
Actually I was concerned about leaving my blog for a couple of weeks without any posts or input from myself. I wondered if I would have any visitors left when I returned. Though there [...]

May 24 2007

A Week of Beer Money Posts and Spam

Hi everybody, hope you are all okay.
This week at The Gospel According To Rhys has been “Get Easy Beer Money Week” (I just made it up). Basically, a lot of bloggers talk about making huge money, but hardly none of them do. What this week’s posts were about was making a little bit of money [...]

May 23 2007

Happenings at My Blogs

What’s happening at my blogs? Well, lets see, over at That Says It All, it’s been lady love week where I’ve been talking about the women I love. You might be surprised at the first two.
At My Quest to Make a Living as an Artist, I have put my art on stuff. I am utilizing [...]

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