Jun 30 2007

The dreaded edit

I stumbled across a simple way to perfect your blog material, and in the process, determine whether what you set out to do has been achieved. Additionally, if you see yourself wandering, it is a chance to bring yourself back on track.
Essentially, you go back to your first post, read it ├╝ber critically and then [...]

Jun 30 2007

Join the iReply Revolution

Have you ever commented on a blog only to find that the blog owner has simply ignored you? It’s no different than sitting down in front of someone and asking them a question and then they walk away without uttering a word.
Rude, wouldn’t you say?
Well, me and a couple of my blog friends (Brown Baron [...]

Jun 30 2007

Blog Incentive

I will continue to mention how important it is for a blog to offer incentive for their readers. Incentive to keep coming back, visiting, and contributing. What makes your blogs different from the rest? An easy answer to that can be incentive.
Here’s some incentive to visit these blogs.
Steve’s Tech Blog is giving away 50$ cash [...]

Jun 30 2007

Comment Friday Winner: TVs Worst Adverts

Comment Friday has definitely become what I wanted it to. I was a little late putting it up, and we had a few regular visitors leaving comments on other posts waiting for Comment Friday! Thanks guys, I love having you here for Fridays.
Remember if you do a Comment Friday or something similar on your blog, [...]

Jun 30 2007

Thoughts on Civility

Not too long ago, I started a series called “Thoughts on Civility” that has presented many scenarios and thoughts about life, society and spirit. Today, I was compelled to draft the seventh entry in the series after reading a devotion and reflection on some current events in entertainment and technology.
Before I knew it, it [...]

Jun 29 2007

Comment Friday for June 29th

Another Comment Friday! Last week we asked the question, How would you spend 400$ advertising your blog? We had several great responses, if you missed it make sure to check it out.
Over the next few comment fridays I want to reward our loyal commenters. This week make sure to leave a comment about whatever you [...]

Jun 28 2007

Increase Website Traffic for Free

Chris from Blog-Op just wrote a post about the benefits of linking to other blogs. By linking to other blogs you can receive more website traffic. Not only is getting traffic an option, but so is building links. Two very important things to for any website or blog.
Increase Website Traffic for free with Forums
Linking to [...]

Jun 27 2007

Blog Me Famous with Christopher Boyce

Blog Me Famous is a new blog that is a little less than 2 weeks old. The design is simple and pretty clean. Christopher Boyce is a college student who is making a killing in template sales.
His blog, generally, is a blogging tips, make money online blog. I don’t think he should have any problem [...]

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