Jun 9 2007

Here’s a Blogging Tip for you!

Kevin from Blogging Tips runs a great blog. He has a whole arsenal of bloggers to write the latest news and their opinions on the blogosphere.


Great Domain Name

Obviously, first off this is a great domain for a blog. At blogging tips Kevin wants to you to “take your blog to the next level!” using his tips, tricks, help and advice. I do think he should definitely work the domain name though. I googled “blogging tips” and “blog tips” and he’s not on the first page for either one.

He did things right!

I mentioned I found Kevin’s blog from other reviews. He bought two reviews, from two powerful and influential bloggers. I subscribed to Blogging Tips after Kumikos Review, and made sure to keep it after John’s Review.

He waited to order these reviews after he had some good content and information to read on his blog. That skyrocketed his subscriber level to over 300, and gave him a good Alexa Ranking to work with. Definitely a great move, and another from getting a review from us.

Now That He Has the Visitors…

Competitions! Blogging Tips has held some great competitions, last month it was a “Win a Mascot” competition.

This month there are several competitions. I mentioned one on Comment Friday, where you can win 1 year of free hosting and a free domain name. The person ranked #1 for his keyword term on google will win the prize.

The second competition prize is a new blog called Zune Zag. ‘Focusing on the Microsoft Zune mp3 player”. This contest is pretty straightforward, just guess how many unique visitors he will receive on June 20th, in the comment section of his June Competition post.

The last competition is for 100$ cash! I could definitely use that as could most bloggers trying to earn a decent income via blogging. To win the cash, all you need to do is register to the Blogging Tips Forum and guess how many page views and posts he will receive.

What I didn’t like about this is it actually took me a while to realize it was three different competitions, and not 1 competition with 3 prizes. I would definitely recommend breaking up the competitions into different posts and dates. Then you could run a competition a week or something to that extent.

At First Blogging Tips Didn’t Hold My Attention

I wasn’t as active reading blogging tips after I first expressed interest in becoming a guest poster due to several reasons.

  • After receiving an okay to become a guest blogger, I never received another email. I was actually excited because Kevin had heard of me, but I hadn’t read his blog much yet. After the ego boost, I didn’t hear back.

  • The stream of posts and guest posters weren’t as interesting to me. There would be several posts in a day, not made by Kevin. I don’t blame him for this as many bloggers were on his hype due to the reviews he’d purchased and the content he provided.

  • Lastly, his blogging tips weren’t the tips I was looking for. He started blogging about scripts and other things I wasn’t really interested in. I can barely install a plugin! He also noticed the drop in RSS feed readers after his subjects changed.

Now That He Has My Attention…

When reviewing a blog or website, I want to give my full effort, and research the blog. So now that he has my attention I found some great articles.

Robots.txt Basics
With all the talk about the robot file on your domain and supplemented pages indexed in google, bloggers may find this post useful.

Blogging Should Be Easy
I’ve personally been racking my brain for posts and ideas, but I don’t think I need a break. Blogging should never feel like hard work, do you agree?

Doing Sponsored Reviews the right way
A break down of the most popular sponsored post websites. I currently use all of them.

That concludes the review, I tried to cover everything. Head on over to Kevin’s Blog and let me know what you think. If you are a feed reader, make sure to subscribe to his full RSS feed.

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  1.   My experience with paid reviews wrote:

    [...] Blog About Your Blog [...]

    July 7th, 2007 at 8:01 am
  1. Kevin said:

    many thanks for the reviews. I appreciate the criticism too :)

    firstly. with regards to you being ana author there, please accept my apologies for not following it up. The review at john chows blog was posted on the day i left to travel around new zealand for 4 weeks. As such i had about 100 emails in the space of 3 or 4 days and quite frankly i couldnt keep up with it as i was only checking on things in net cafes. Thankfully im returning home soon and things will be back to normal. I’d still love you to get on board and write for us soon so let me know if your interested :) :)

    with regards to the competition, i never really thought that the 3 competitions would be confusing – at the time i wanted to keep things in the one post. If readers prefer the competitions to be split up then its something i need to look at

    the focus on tech and coding type posts has definately not made some readers happy however i was writing a lot of those posts to address common questions i was receiving via email

    with regards to the multiple authors, i know a lot of people feel like this however i think a big part of this is because my posting has dropped from around 3-4 posts a day to about 1. When i get home in a few weeks i will be posting much more often so the % of posts from guest authors should be lower.

    once again, thanks for taking the time to review the blog. I’ll review some of the points you mentioned and address them soon on the blog

    Kevin :)

    p.s. again, looking forward to you posting there :)

    June 9th, 2007 at 6:24 pm
  2. Matt said:

    I really appreciate your comment, I hate doing reviews with no real criticism on the review.

    Most imporant though which you didnt answer… was it good? Are you satisfied? Did I miss something? I’d appreciate that

    I completely understand that you were really swamped, I can imagine what a John Chow review could do to your email inbox and I can’t wait til I raise enough funds for ours.

    Well it wasnt confusing, I just didn’t catch on at first. I am a feed reader which isnt necessarily good for the blogs Im subscribed to. If i get behind I do a lot of skimming, so I didnt realize at first it was 3 diff competitions.

    Ill be looking forward to the review of our review.

    Let me know when you get home and hopefully I can write a good post for you :)

    Thanks Kevin!

    June 9th, 2007 at 6:32 pm
  3. Kevin said:

    no worries with the review – i was very pleased with it. The criticism was fair and contructive – i’d definately recommend you other bloggers out there – good review and a good price.

    June 10th, 2007 at 8:05 pm
  4. Wayne said:

    “Great Domain Name”, that’s a really good suggestion, what i found is, without your own domain name, you couldn’t do to much on P.P.P.

    Appreciate your suggestion!

    Wayne Mansfield, Editor
    Gary Carvolth Voice of the Common Man

    June 11th, 2007 at 7:33 pm


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