Jun 11 2007

Protect Your Identity Register Your Domain Name

Protect Your Identity Protecting your identity is very important. Most commonly people see various TV commercial for credit cards and identity theft. What is less common and seems to be becoming a mainstream practice among the dot com world,  is people registering the domain names of other’s personal names.  For instance, I have owned my personal name domain name for many years. However, about a 3  years ago, I got lazy and forgot to renew my domain name and someone snagged it and offered to sell it to me for over $1000 dollars. I was floored! Anyway, I kept patient about it, put a backorder on the domain… and as it turned out, the previous registrant forgot to renew the name (or didn’t care to) and I got my name back. Garry Conn dot Com, needless to say has been registered for many years… in fact, if you want even a shot at scoring my personal domain name, you will have to wait until year 2016 to even have a slim chance.

If you value your personal name, your children’s names, etc… register their domain name. It typically costs only $9.95 per year to maintain it under your ownership. Even if you’re not a blogger or the computer type… you should still register your personal name domain name to keep it safe from being subjected to registration from lesser choice people.

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