Jun 17 2007

Making Money Online With Surveys

There is money to be made with taking surveys. There are tons of online survey websites that will pay you for your opinion and time.

Find the Right One

There are the survey websites out there that are scams. You are the best judge as what is a scam. Is it too good to be true? Yes? Then it’s a scam.

Once You Find a Good One…

Stick with them. Many survey sites will reward you with more survey opportunities. Some even offer special promotional surveys given via mail, or products sent to you so you can take a survey on them.

What I Recommend

My girlfriend, Emma, makes about 30-40$ per month taking surveys. The best result she’s had is through SurveySpot. SurveySpot has a minimum payout of 5$ and they will send you a check in the mail.

Now that she has been using Survey Spot for quite awhile now, she gets the chance at many surveys as well as higher paying ones. Yesterday she received one in the mail (a cd survey) and completed it in 30 minutes, for 15$.

What You Can Earn

You can expect anywhere from 1-5$ survey offers from different websites. Some surveys as I mentioned can get you 10-15$, and many do promotional surveys where you are entered to win extra money.

I’ve received surveys in my email in which they were from 2-5$ and the money was sent to my paypal. Surveys generally take 5 to 30 minutes to complete, and most of them pay you based on length.

Another survey website I have found is GlobalTestMarket, and I have just received enough points to get the 50$ payout. Now all I have to do is wait on my check!

I will do a complete review of both SurveySpot and GlobalTestMarket and you can decide if they are for you or not.

Update: Another survey website service is SurveySavvy. Whats unique about this one is they offer an affiliate program. You can get paid for referring your friends. You get $ for every survey they complete!

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