Jun 25 2007

Round ‘Em Up!

More and more bloggers are writing ’round-up’ posts, pulling together a series of posts from other bloggers into a single article on their own blog. Sometimes called ’speedlinking’, it’s certainly popular, but is it something you should be doing? I think so.
However, I don’t think it’s worth just posting a list of links, or just [...]

Jun 24 2007

Getting Ranked on Google

I have been experimenting with search engine optimization. Using such tools as Overture and 103Bees has been pretty beneficial. I have been after top rankings for the key terms“More Website Traffic” and “More Web Site Traffic” and I’m happy to see rankings of 2 and 4!
Overture reported 2,747 searches for the term “more web [...]

Jun 23 2007

How Would You Spend 400$ Advertising Your Blog?

Comment Friday was a little different this week. I asked our readers “How would you spend 400$ advertising your blog?” I definitely received some interesting responses.
The most interesting definitely has to go to Rhyswynne. He said
“I would pay nude models to paint their urls over their breasts, and post the photos on the internet. You [...]

Jun 23 2007

Host Arcadia

As websites seem to be made by the minute, web hosting has become a huge business. Host Arcadia is trying to take advantage of just that.
What’s Most Important
For many websites, they are just like a business. If they aren’t seen, they can’t earn money, grow, or really have any value. That is why reliable web [...]

Jun 22 2007

Comment Friday for June 22nd

This week I want to do something a little different for Comment Friday.
I am going to ask a question and the best answers will be made into a blog post, and I will give out links from there.
If you don’t have an answer, please still leave us a comment, or just jump in the discussion, [...]

Jun 21 2007

Make Money Online with SurveySpot

Please note there are no affiliate links within this post*
In my article, Make Money Online with Surveys, I mentioned SurveySpot was a legit survey website to earn money on. My girlfriend, Emma, has been an active member on the website for several months now. As she has remained active, she gets money surveys almost daily, [...]

Jun 20 2007

The Marketplace for Bloggers

Do you sell advertising on your blog? Do design logos? Do offer blog hosting? Do you sell anything blog related? If you answered yes to any of these, then you might be interested in a marketplace that has been built just for bloggers!
DoshSale.com has just been launched and is the marketplace for [...]

Jun 20 2007

Thunderbirds are go (and other puns too delicious to ignore)

That’s right, I decided last night to install the Mozilla email client Thunderbird for reasons that I can’t fully explain or understand myself. I asked the question over at QYDJ is it stupid to abandon Outlook when I have a fully licensed copy already bundled on my PC? Am I just making life [...]

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