Jul 14 2007

Another Prize Added to the Contest

I thought we would get entries to our day planner contest from comments, but the response we’ve gotten has been great. Not only have we gotten a bunch of entries by comments, lots of people are blogging about the contest, which is great. There are about 50 comments of entries and link backs.

I wish I could give everyone a day planner, but I can’t. What I am going to do is add ANOTHER day planner to the mix. Emma has decided to part with the one she received at the make money online conference.

So of course, we will draw two winners for the day planners, and no you can’t win both! If you haven’t entered the contest you only have until Tuesday July 17th. We will not accept entries after that date (midnight pst).

I want to thank everyone for participating, I am working on another contest to launch shortly after we finish this one. I am contacting a few websites to sponsor the competition so we can really give away a great prize.

I should post all of the entries on the contest post soon, and I may even give some link love to those who did everything and got the full 5 entries!

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    July 14th, 2007 at 5:33 pm


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