Jul 21 2007

Installing a Contact Form for your Blog

To really be able to connect with your readers you have to be easy to contact. Not only that, but it easier for readers to ask questions, inquire about articles, and most importantly advertising terms can be made. We receive several contact form emails a week, without our contact page, I’m afraid that number would definitely suffer.

I am not very plugin competent, but even I could install the contact form. I found that the easiest contact form is the Secure and Accessible PHP Contact Form.

The steps are pretty straightforward. Just as any plugin you should download it, unzip it, and upload the file in a FTP program (I use filezilla) into your wp-content/plugins section. After you activate the plugin you are ready to set it up and configure it.

From there you need to the contact form page and select Configuration. Enter your email and other information, but you can’t enter the URL yet because it’s not created.

The next step obviously is to create the Contact Form URL. To do so go to “write” like you were going to create a new post. Then you must click “pages”. Enter in the title of what you want the Contact Form to be named. Ours is named Contact Us. After you enter the title make sure to save it. You won’t have any actual text within the page yet.

Now go back to the Configuration page and add the Url of your new page. After that, go back to your Contact page and enter the code


From there you are pretty much finished unless you want to further customize your contact form.

One problem I ran into however was that I use multiple blogs with that contact plugin. Therefore I had to have two separate emails. I couldn’t use the same email for two different contact forms.

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  1. Mark said:

    Excellent choice on that plugin, Matt. Ever since I started using it on my blogs, I haven’t had a contact spammer. :)

    July 21st, 2007 at 9:41 pm


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